ON THE CORNER of First and Bryant, N.W. was a yard with just enough grass to hide the dirt. But for us neighborhood kids it was a field. It was our stadium and I dreamed there. 1st+bryant is a unique men’s goods line of unconventional fabrics, designs and ideas inspired by my old neighborhood. 1st+bryant is about making things by hand, an American dream that is birthed in textiles and craftsmanship. This started with an idea and slowly that idea grew wings and this story that you are reading right now means something.

It means snowballs can turn into avalanches if they can pick up enough speed.

We have created the Tuskegee Flight Bag, the Du Bois Utility Bag, the Bearden Baseball Caps, the Black Architect Tie Series, the Romare Knit Hat and the Bitches Brew Scented Candles because those things were destined to be here.

The idea is this: they dreamed so we can and what you are supporting is bigger than an item. It is a collective history created long before us. But in the end, 1st+bryant is a beginning. It’s a tiny yard that dreams to be a field. It is a joint experience and you have now been invited to be apart of the ride.